Nik Tak Freight Services

Thinking the way forward

Freight Service

Your reputation and success depend on whether you receive or deliver your products on time and at a reasonable cost from any part of the world to Iran. With your supply chain spanning continents, the move from manufacturing source to your Iranian customer could become risky and complex.

What you need is a reliable and cost-efficient logistical partner that manages the delivery of your cargo via road, sea or air. Nik Tak can serve you with integrated supply chain solutions that combine global freight management with value-added services. These services make your business more competitive and cost-efficient.

Forwarding services are the core of our business. Our basic service is to ensure the seamless flow of your cargo.

Value added services are the next layer. These include insurance, customs clearance and logistics handling.

Strategically services are top layer of our services. We provide expertise, know-how and consulting services at high-level to your business.

Our freight management solutions include freight forwarding services, added value and strategic expertise