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NIK TAK's Concepts

Optimizing the flow of information and your goods can result in a cost reduction of 15 to 20 per cent while improving both quality and control. Nik Tak makes this possible by offering complete and integrated logistics concepts. These plug-and-play solutions are based on combinations of forwarding and logistics.

Our concepts have been developed from the experience and expertise we have gained over the years in the building of global flow models for our customers. We can provide ready-to-use concepts for third-party logistics, supply chain management, distribution operations and logistics in the purchasing processes.

Nik Tak concepts provide total solutions that make a difference to your logistics costs and competitive edge. Ready-to-use concepts

- Inbound flows

- Outbound flows

- Outsourcing

- Sector-specific, e.g. Automotive, Marine

The benefits of concept thinking:

- Improved efficiency and service levels

- Shared development costs

- Fast implementation

- One-stop shopping - single interface

- Great effect on time and cost

- Improved quality of information

- Easy benchmarking

- Overview and control

- Direct support of your business processes

Logistical Services

"Maximum flexibility with a minimum of fixed costs" Nik Tak offers a complete range of warehousing and distribution services tailored to individual customer needs. A short, customer-oriented supply chain has a significant advantage over the competition. Whether you want to raise your service quality, change your fixed costs to variable cost structure or reduce inventory, Nik Tak as your supply chain partner in Iran can help you achieve your goals.

Nik Tak operates modern multi-user warehouses with the added benefits of direct connections to our national and international freight network. Working with you to develop a tailor-made concept to meet your needs, whether for partial or total supply chain solutions; we set out focus on optimization and cost effectiveness.

Nik Tak's service portfolio encompasses all aspects of logistics and supply chain management. Our wide range of warehouse and distribution services includes :

- Loading and unloading

- Storage and distribution

- Inventory management

- Purchase order management

- Claims management

- Management of returned goods

- Transport and Customs clearance

- Security destruction/disposal program

- National and international transport organization

- Adding value to your product

Nik Tak can add value to your business in the following ways:

- Allows you to focus on your core business

- Reduction in management expenditure

- Variable cost structure

- Reduction in inventory

- No investment costs

- Optimal use of synergy potential

- Creates visibility through modern warehouse management system

- High standards of security